Version 1.4.2


  • This is a minor release to update packages that had security vulnerabilities.
  • Also added a note on the home screen to let people know that version 2.0 is coming soon and the project isn't dead

Download Codex 1.4.2

Version 1.4.1


  • Fixed a code execution vulnerability with notebook names/page names. This could only happen if you typed in a malicious name yourself or downloaded a save.json file from someone else and put it in your save directory.
  • Using a code block with the "other" language doesn't freeze the editor anymore and highlights properly
  • The code language overlay now doesn't show if there's no language/other
  • Added menu options and macros for Nim and OCaml (macros: [nim] and [ocaml])
  • Added a section in the "Basic Editing" doc about how to paste in images

Download Codex 1.4.1

Version 1.4.0


  • Added support for KaTeX equations in notes
  • You can now collapse large code blocks by clicking the arrow icon in the top-right of the code block
  • Added Markdown exporting
  • Added an option to export all of the pages in a notebook to PDF/markdown
  • Included a better default font for Linux users (Fira Mono)
  • Updated Electron to 12.1.0
  • Removed the survey link from the home page, moved it to the Help menu/tab
  • Added a documentation page for equations
  • Added Ctrl-1 through Ctrl-6 keybindings for Headers
  • You can now open the Chromium Dev Tools (Ctrl-Shift-i) to check for errors in the console
  • Added custom horizontal scrollbars for code blocks
  • Added a word wrap option for code blocks in the Settings page
  • Made the custom scrollbars look better
  • Redid the docs/Help pages
  • The first-use tutorial has been removed, instead it asks if you want to see the "Getting started" help page
  • If you are a macos user, code blocks and inline code should use Apple's SF Mono font
  • Added a "Toggle menu bar" menu option on Linux (the menu bar doesn't follow dark/light mode)

Bug fixes:

  • Made the sidebar items in the Help tab responsive to sidebar resizing
  • Fixed a bug where Ctrl-clicking or middle-clicking on link elements would open a new Codex window
  • \n's should now show up correctly in PDF's
  • Fixed where when you make a new table you can't see the cursor inside it
  • Disabled inserting horizontal rules and tables inside of tables/code blocks
  • Fixed a bug where the content wouldn't expand to the full height of the window on Linux

Info for developers:

  • Added electron-builder to the devDependencies so it doesn't have to download every time you run npx electron-builder

Download Codex 1.4.0

Version 1.3.1


  • Updated a package that had a security vulnerability (Codex doesn't load any external content anyway, except for checking for updates, so it shouldn't have affected Codex users)
  • Updated to Electron 12.0.11
  • Added a link to an optional feedback survey on the home page

Download Codex 1.3.1

Version 1.3.0

New Features:

  • You can now set a custom Icon for each notebook
  • Resizable and responsive sidebar that can be collapsed and opened even in small windows
  • Redesigned home page
  • Favorites section on home page
  • Code blocks can now show the code block's language in the top-right
  • Added custom scrollbars to the sidebar and main window

Minor Changes:

  • Updated to Electron 12.0.8
  • Switching pages now scrolls the page to the top as it should
  • Made the "New notebook" and "Edit notebook" dialogs look better
  • Made the buttons look much better
  • Tweaked lots of misc. styles in light mode & dark mode
  • Added a small shadow to images inside of notes


  • Zooming in & out on a page should keep your position better
  • Fixed a light theme being inside the "dark themes" section
  • Misc. bug fixes

Download Codex 1.3.0

Version 1.2.2


  • Updated to Electron 12.0.2
  • Enabled Spellcheck in the editor (not in code blocks)
  • Reworked the look of the Settings page
  • Added a Shift-Tab keybind when using code blocks
  • Code blocks and inline code should look better
  • Remade the About page
  • The editor toolbar should now be more consistent and won't change size all the time
  • Re-enabled the "Select parent node" button on the toolbar (this makes it easier to delete an entire code block)
  • Made the editor toolbar a little less transparent
  • Changed to the CC BY-NC 4.0 License


  • Fixed the PDF background being broken
  • Fixed the right-click context menus going off-screen
  • Fixed the Rename Page button having the wrong text
  • Fixed the issue where you couldn't center or right-align headings smaller than <h1>
  • Fixed the text being all white when selecting the parent node
Version 1.2.1


  • Fixed auto-indentation not working on code that has actual tab characters
  • The behavior of writing Lists has been improved a lot
  • Pressing Ctrl+U now enables Underline even if you don't have any text selected, just like bold and italics
  • Added a macro for the R language, [r], and a menu item
  • Fixed editor toolbar not being centered in a small window
  • Fixed the spacing between list items
  • Made the numbers in a numbered list bold
  • The New Update popup now has a link to view the changelog
  • Fixed some issues with the sidebar not coming back when you make the window bigger
  • Made the editor toolbar a little less transparent
  • Save indicator now shows above the editor toolbar
Version 1.2.0


  • Added an optional tutorial for first-time use.
  • Code blocks now have auto-indentation, meaning when you press enter it will tab the cursor out to match the last line's tabs.
  • Added a setting for preferred tab size, either 2 or 4 spaces. This only applies for when you press tab in a code block, and won't affect existing code.
  • Codex will now remember which notebooks were expanded/open when you re-open the program.
  • Downloads will now be hosted on Dropbox for much better download speeds.
Version 1.1.1

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the "Change save directory" function not working


  • You can now export PDF's with dark mode
  • Added a setting for whether to open the created PDF after exporting
Version 1.1.0


  • You can now export pages to PDF
  • You can now change the alignment of text
  • Tables are now centered by default
  • Added a "Revert to default" button for the accent color
  • Cleaned up the Settings page
  • Inline code should now be the correct font on Linux
Version 1.0.1


  • Tested on Linux (Ubuntu) and fixed issues
  • Changed ordering of some editor toolbar items
  • Added new in-software dialog to show when an update is available
  • Added "System Default" option to the dark/light mode option
  • Changed style of buttons in menus
  • Added right-click context menu when writing notes

Known caveats:

  • On Linux distributions that use GTK, the menu bar will still show up light in Dark mode
Version 1.0.0

Initial release (never really came out because of certificate issues)