Editor Keybinds

The other general keybinds can be found in the menus (File, Edit, etc.)

If you are on macOS replace Ctrl with the Cmd key.

Action Keybind
Toggle Menu Bar Ctrl+M
Undo Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y or Shift+Ctrl+Z
Bold Ctrl+B
Italic Ctrl+I
Toggle inline code Ctrl+/
Change line to block quote Ctrl+>
Add row after cursor in table Ctrl+Enter or Shift+Enter
Escape code block Ctrl+Enter or Shift+Enter
Make Horizontal Rule Ctrl+_

General Macros

You type these in normally like any other text. Some macros require you to press Space before it actually does anything.

Action Macro
$$ Create a block equation
$equation$ Converts your KaTeX equation inside the dollar signs to an inline equation
# Header (Level 1)
## Header (Level 2)
### Header (Level 3)
#### Header (Level 4)
##### Header (Level 5)
###### Header (Level 6)
- Unordered list
1. Ordered list
> Block quote

Code Macros

Type this (on an empty line) in your notes to quickly make a code block in the specified language

Language Macro
Language that isn't listed ``` (back quotes)
Arduino [arduino]
ARM Assembly [arm]
Batch/DOS [bat]
CoffeeScript [coffee]
CMake [cmake]
C [c]
C++ [cpp]
C# [cs]
CSS [css]
Go [go]
Gradle [gradle]
Groovy [groovy]
HTML [html]
HTTP [http]
Java [java]
JavaScript [js]
JSON [json]
LaTeX [latex]
Less [less]
Lisp [lisp]
Lua [lua]
Makefile [mk] or [mkfile]
Markdown [md]
Mathematica [math]
Matlab [matlab]
Nim [nim]
Objective C [objc]
OCaml [ocaml]
GLSL [glsl]
Perl [perl]
PHP [php]
PowerShell [ps]
Python [py]
Ruby [ruby]
Rust [rust]
SQL [sql]
Shell [shell] or [sh]
Swift [swift]
TypeScript [ts]
x86 Assembly [x86]
YAML [yml]